and off we go

After a week or two of dithering (job applications in the pipeline, big client meeting, procrastination procrastination procrastination) I finally got my arse in gear and started last Wednesday (15 Oct).

Round one was a 5 day course of Provera (progesterone) to trigger a cycle. I had no qualms about this as I have taken this several times over the years in one form or another. This complacency was misplaced, asĀ on Friday I had a filthy migraine with loss of vision in both my eyes. To be honest it was pretty scary as I was home alone with the Nipper. With immense calmness and fortitude, I immediately concluded I was having a stroke or DVT or some other thrombotic event and called the clinic in a major panic. They were good and, mainly, very reassuring (apart from the voicemail left later on saying “Oh, by the way, if you do have any symptoms of DVT or PE, do let us know”… ).

The long and short of it was: stop the Provera and come in for a scan and to discuss options. This was fairly disheartening. I know from last time that any IVF cycle is a rollercoaster, and never quite goes to plan, but it was upsetting to hit problems within just a few days of starting.

Anyway, a week on and we’re back on track, or at least a track, if not the same track. It seemed that the 3 days of Provera did the trick, and the clinic have now altered my protocol to enable me to start taking Buserelin now rather than in 3 weeks time.

I couldn’t get in for an injection teach, but it all came screaming back to me as I sat at my desk at the crack of dawn yesterday, flicking bubbles out of an insulin syringe and voluntarily injecting myself with the demon fluid. I already feel pretty bleak and angry, as I did last time, but whether that’s an early reaction to the buserelin, or a hangover from the Provera, or simply the natural state of my personality, I don’t care to evaluate.

So, it’s 3 weeks now of hormonal fun and games until the down reg scan on 14 November. I’ll keep you posted as to which household appliances I break this year.