all I want for Christmas is…

… well, if you’d asked me a few weeks ago, I would of course said a BFP and a happy, healthy pregnancy.

Sadly, some things are not meant to be. I started spotting again 2 days after official test day; this turned into five days of light red bleeding and a full on bleed this morning.

Scan today at 5w2d showed no pregnancy. HCG levels were still rising last week so they are checking again to rule out an ectopic, but it’s pretty clear to me that I have miscarried.

Obviously, this is deeply disappointing for H, myself and our families, especially after a positive result. However, we are so, so lucky to have our little Nipper from round 1 who is a constant source of joy and amusement, and after the initial shock and numbness, I know that we will be ok.

I thought it would be hideous to miscarry over Christmas but in fact it’s not so bad. I can spend a lot of time at home with H and the Nipper, we will have a few days with the family, and my father will no doubt attempt to medicate me with gin, which will probably work.

New year in a few days, and a new start.

I will probably revert to occasional blogging here for now but will be back and, in the meantime, a very merry Christmas to all our readers.


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